Monday, May 21, 2012


LA Metro's Board of Directors takes up the issue of whether to support AB 1446 on Thursday. AB 1446 is Assemblyman Michael Feurer's bill to remove the sunset date in Measure R and authorize an extension of the sales tax to be placed on the ballot. Move LA convened its business-labor-environmental coalition Monday to discuss Metro's rationale for extending Measure R. From our perspective, here are the Top 10 Reasons: • It will allow Metro to bond against a longer revenue stream and raise the money upfront to build all 12 new rail and bus rapid transit lines in the next 10 years • It will create 400,000 jobs over 10 years at a time when jobs are needed badly; • The entire system can be built more cheaply now than if construction occurs over a longer time frame because of inflation; • LA will benefit from immediate congestion reduction benefits; • Reduced congestion = improved economic competitiveness; • LA will benefit from improved air quality; • GHG emission reductions will be accelerated; • Voters will get 20 more years of service out of the system; • The increased connectivity of the system will greatly enhance ridership on all line; • This ensures there will continue to be adequate funding for operations (20% of Measure R is dedicated to operations); But why extend Measure R now? Because we can win now! • Polling on the extension is excellent – voters are ready! • The coalition is in place now! • The increased turnout for a presidential election will help! • We’ve got the momentum – LA has new mojo!

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