Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is another critical stretch on the path to building out a robust and well-connected transit system in LA County: On Thursday, May 24, LA Metro's Board of Directors takes up the issue of whether to support AB 1446 – Assemblyman Michael Feuer’s bill to remove the sunset date in Measure R and authorize an extension of the sales tax on the November ballot. We hope that you can attend the board meeting and provide public comment – you are allowed one minute and we suggest that you speak on one of the "Top 10 Reasons to Extend Measure R Now!" -- which are included below! The meeting starts at 9 a.m. at Metro Headquarters. TOP 10 REASONS TO EXTEND MEASURE R NOW: • It will create 400,000 jobs over 10 years at a time when jobs are needed badly; • The entire system can be built more cheaply now than if construction occurs over a longer time frame because of inflation; • LA will benefit from immediate congestion reduction benefits; • Reduced congestion = improved economic competitiveness; • LA will benefit from improved air quality; • GHG emission reductions will be accelerated; • Voters will get 20 more years of service out of the system; • The increased connectivity of the system will greatly enhance ridership on all line; • This ensures there will continue to be adequate funding for operations (20% of Measure R is dedicated to operations); But why extend Measure R now? Because we can win now! • Polling on the extension is excellent – voters are ready! • The coalition is in place now! • The increased turnout for a presidential election will help! • We’ve got the momentum – LA has new mojo!

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