Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Joel Epstein profiles Darrell Clarke's 22 years of tireless advocacy on the Expo Line on Metro's The Source blog. Darrell's work dates back to 1989 when Southern Pacific Railroad offered to sell a right-of-way to the LA County Transportation Commission (now LA Metro). Clarke had read about a neighborhood meeting in Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills where residents had blasted LACTC Chair Neil Peterson and the whole idea of light rail, he formed Friends 4 Expo, and the rest is history. "I didn't expect it to become a life's work," Darrell told Joel, adding that he believes Friends 4 Expo inspired others, including Bart Reed, who started the Transit Coalition, Ken Alpern, who started Friends of the Green Line, and Denny Zane who started Move LA. Read The Source here.

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