Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Best Weather And The Best Transit System — Coming Soon

Issue 23 of GOOD’s quarterly magazine stars Los Angeles and provides a starry prognosis for transit in LA, supported by quotes from Move LA’s Denny Zane. The article begins by tackling a couple of well-known myths: That Los Angeles is low-density and suburban, and was built up around the car. As GOOD points out, LA is denser than Portland, current poster child for urbanism, and denser even than NYC. Moreover it once was transit heaven, during the Red and Yellow car days, and it will be heavenly again — with Measure R and 30-10.

However, caution some of those who talked to GOOD, there needs to be a focus on walkable streets or, as Yonah Freemark of The Transport Politic blog points out, “it wouldn’t be surprising to see car culture remain in place even after the development of a larger transit network.” Secondly, the decentralization of employment is a real problem, says Abby Thorne-Lyman of the national nonprofit Reconnecting America: LA’s got great transit “bones,” she says, but connecting people to jobs via transit will be a continuing challenge.

But the combination of a good bone structure and Measure R will make the city hard to beat, Denny Zane assures us: “In the long run, Metro will reach every part of the county and create an interconnectivity that we never had. The economic efficiency of that, as well as the environmental benefits, will be extraordinary. We always had the best weather. Now we’ll have the best transportation system and cleaner air. Who can compete with that?”

Read the issue here: http://www.good.is/the-la-issue/

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