Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come and Meet the 30-10 Coalition That’s So Big That . . .

Thursday night we invite you to come and meet the powerful business-labor-environmental coalition that helped secure passage of the 30-year Measure R sales tax and is building support for the “30-10 plan” to build 12 new rail and bus rapid transit lines in LA in 10 years! Together we are the coalition about which national columnist Harold Meyerson wrote in the LA Times, "Coalitions this broad occasionally are assembled, but it usually takes something like a war with the Nazis to put them together." We are gathering to eat, drink and dance in downtown Los Angeles in honor of our 30-10 champions in Congress and on LA Metro’s board.

Come and talk to us! Sign our 30-10 petition! Have fun with us! Eat, drink and dance with us to Opa Opa, one of LA's premiere salsa bands (if you need convincing check out their videos: http://www.myspace.com/opaopa1)! We are honoring Senator Barbara Boxer, Congresswoman Jane Harman, and LA Metro Board Members Richard Katz and Ara Najarian, who is Mayor of Glendale. This is our second annual “We Love LA Valentines Day Celebration,” and it’s this Thursday, February 17, 6-10 p.m. at the Center at Cathedral Plaza, 555 West Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles.

If you haven’t signed our 30-10 petition already, please sign on at the event! The 30-10 plan would use the 30-year revenue stream from Measure R to secure low-interest loans and long-term bonds from the federal government to frontload the transit construction program with money to build all 12 projects in 10 years – accelerating job creation and economic benefits in the short term and reducing construction costs. (Contracts can be negotiated at lower prices now due to the recession, and the price of construction and materials won't be subjected to as many years of inflation.) We are expanding this coalition nationally to urge Congress to use 30-10 as a model for leveraging local money to create a loan fund for infrastructure investments in transportation projects of regional and national significance.

Join us! Tickets to this annual Move LA fundraiser are $75.

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